Facebook Metaverse: How It Affects International Relations?

We know that Facebook is going to make a virtual universe or some kind of world of avatar called Metaverse.

What actually Metaverse can do for International relations?

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss how does Metaverse can affect International Relations.

So, Let’s begin.

How does Metaverse affect IR?

International Relations are always linked with negotiations, summits, conferences, etc. according to Meta, this virtual experience will make online interaction with people much more closer. This means, in near future, many International summits and conferences will be held using Metaverse, the next level of Digital Diplomacy. This is kind of weird but we can not predict the future. Technological advancements can always create miracles.

Secondly, Metaverse will be a good platform for public opinion. Even today, Facebook and other social media platforms can create a strong public opinion rather than on Television or newspapers. For example, Facebook is one of the public opinion-making platforms in every election in Sri Lanka. However, If this project goes well, people can use it to present their opinion. 

Thirdly, this Metaverse project can create more than 10,000 jobs across the EU. if this project goes well, it can create more job opportunities across the globe. It also can boost the world economy and trade which means it can economically interconnect the world.


However, there should be proper rules and regulations when using Metaverse, and it is uncertain if all the countries will accept Metaverse or not.

Image Credits: Mashable.com TheHackposts.com   


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