The Policy of Containment to Counter Russia – Will It Be A Success?

The war between Russia and Ukraine is happening now. The world is taking all the measures to prevent Russia’s attack with economic and international actions.  The US is now moving towards its old strategy “ The policy of containment” in order to counter Russia. With the violent Russian attack on Ukraine last week, President Joe... Continue Reading →

China’s Role In Latin America: An Alternative Instead For The USA?

Since the year 2000, China’s influence has grown in Latin America. Does China want to be an alternative instead of the USA in the region? What are the fields that attracted Chinese influence, in Latin America? Let’s discuss this in this post. Basically, Latin America consists of the continent of South America together with Mexico,... Continue Reading →

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Should The US Interfere?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has again become a hot topic in International Relations with the latest military movement of Russia near its Border with Ukraine. The tension of the world, especially in the western countries, mounted rapidly over a Russian invasion in Ukraine. According to many experts, the Russia-Ukraine crisis will be a new trend in... Continue Reading →

4 Key Facts About Biden’s Immigrants Policy

Immigration is a process in which individuals become permanent residents  of another country. Immigration can be identified as a major source of population growth and the evolution of a society. USA can be identified as a good example for this. USA is a settler colonial society that consisted of a small number of native Americans ... Continue Reading →


One of the current burning issue of the world is the Hong Kong protests. This article describe briefly about the causes of this issue, strategies, consequences of the issues and the opinion of the international community. Hong Kong protests in 2019 are an ongoing mass demonstrations against the Hong Kong government proposed anti-extradition bill. This... Continue Reading →

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