How Covid-19 Vaccination Strengthen the International Relations?

Covid-19 is the most difficult battle that mankind has faced recently. With 247,968,227 ( as of 5.14pm CET,04 Nov 2021) confirmed cases, almost every country in the world is facing a difficult time these days. Most of the countries have realised that the vaccination process is the only solution to overcome the challenge. There are... Continue Reading →

India’s Role In United Nations Peacekeeping Mission

After the second world war, the International community wanted to remove the chances of war and to establish peace. As a result of that, in 1945, the United Nations was established. Today, the UN can be recognized as the world leading International Organization that helps to establish peace and stability in the world. Basically, the... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy

India is one of the emerging major powers and the largest democratic country in the world. Over the years, India has gained a special status in the global level due to many reasons such as location, geopolitical importance and the size. Foreign policy is the key tool that many countries use to deal with other... Continue Reading →


As the world’s largest democratic country, India practices its Lok Sabha election in this year. The international community always keeps eye on India in these days to see who will be the captain of India among Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. From today’s article we will discuss about the Indian general election. According to the... Continue Reading →

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