China’s Role In Latin America: An Alternative Instead For The USA?

Since the year 2000, China’s influence has grown in Latin America. Does China want to be an alternative instead of the USA in the region? What are the fields that attracted Chinese influence, in Latin America? Let’s discuss this in this post. Basically, Latin America consists of the continent of South America together with Mexico,... Continue Reading →

Beijing Winter Olympic Games: Why Are Countries Boycotting It

The Winter Olympic games will be held this year in China. The global politics and the modern cold war between China and USA seem again mounting with the Diplomatic boycott announced by the US. Many powerful countries have joined with the USA to boycott the winter Olympic games in terms of diplomatic level. In this... Continue Reading →


One of the current burning issue of the world is the Hong Kong protests. This article describe briefly about the causes of this issue, strategies, consequences of the issues and the opinion of the international community. Hong Kong protests in 2019 are an ongoing mass demonstrations against the Hong Kong government proposed anti-extradition bill. This... Continue Reading →

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