Facebook Metaverse: How It Affects International Relations?

We know that Facebook is going to make a virtual universe or some kind of world of avatar called Metaverse. What actually Metaverse can do for International relations? In today’s post, I’m going to discuss how does Metaverse can affect International Relations. So, Let’s begin. How does Metaverse affect IR? International Relations are always linked... Continue Reading →

How Covid-19 Vaccination Strengthen the International Relations?

Covid-19 is the most difficult battle that mankind has faced recently. With 247,968,227 ( as of 5.14pm CET,04 Nov 2021) confirmed cases, almost every country in the world is facing a difficult time these days. Most of the countries have realised that the vaccination process is the only solution to overcome the challenge. There are... Continue Reading →

3 guiding tips for International Relations Students

Studying International relations is a quite difficult but interesting task. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication,motivation to study International relations as an academic subject. Some students think twice before they choose International relations as a subject to learn. They believe learning International relations is not an easy task. Following guiding tips will help... Continue Reading →

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