Vaccine Inequality: How It Led To The Omicron Variant

Last year, WHO had announced a new Covid variant called Omicron.  It was first reported from South Africa and is currently spreading more than the Delta variant. We have heard more about vaccine inequality and vaccine nationalism, which means vaccines do not receive equally throughout the world. Rich countries can acquire the maximum amount of... Continue Reading →

How Covid-19 Vaccination Strengthen the International Relations?

Covid-19 is the most difficult battle that mankind has faced recently. With 247,968,227 ( as of 5.14pm CET,04 Nov 2021) confirmed cases, almost every country in the world is facing a difficult time these days. Most of the countries have realised that the vaccination process is the only solution to overcome the challenge. There are... Continue Reading →

Quick overview about Biological Weapons

This article is mainly devoted to biological weapons, countries that have biological weapons, bioterrorism, biological weapons and International law. Covid-19 or Corona virus is the most recent hit for the mankind. Overall, each and every field in the world now facing a great recession. For instance world economy and tourism industry are now collapsing. We... Continue Reading →

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