Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Should The US Interfere?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has again become a hot topic in International Relations with the latest military movement of Russia near its Border with Ukraine. The tension of the world, especially in the western countries, mounted rapidly over a Russian invasion in Ukraine. According to many experts, the Russia-Ukraine crisis will be a new trend in... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Cigarette Ban: How Other Countries Can Take an Inspiration?

According to the Data of the World Health Organization, Using Tobacco is a huge public health issue that kills more than 8 million people per year around the globe. 7 million people die using direct smoking and most importantly 1.2 million non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke die annually. To address this health issue,... Continue Reading →

Why now is the time to Abolish Monarchy?

In recent times there were serious debates on whether the world should abolish the Monarchy or not. Some countries such as Greece and Bulgaria already have abolished Monarchies through a referendum. In this post, I’m going to discuss why many people think that now is the time to abolish the monarchy. So let’s begin.  What... Continue Reading →

Role of the World Towards Climate Change

Climate change is one of the major challenges faced by mankind in this decade. The consequences of this issue are already being witnessed by people, such as droughts, Wildfires. Scientists are warning to take immediate actions about climate change otherwise it will be the end of the planet.  Reducing climate change is not an easy... Continue Reading →

All You Need To Know About Foreign Aid

If you are watching news or scrolling down any news apps you would be familiar with foreign aid.   Foreign aid can be identified as the transferring of capital, goods or services from one country or an international organization to another country. It can be given as a loan, gift or grant. These foreign aid can... Continue Reading →

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